We make it easy to access core knowledge that is the key to smart strategic planning for couples of all ages.  It’s the kind of planning that strengthens a couple, prepares for the future, and hedges against disaster.  You can access this program anywhere and at anytime through a computer or any handheld wireless internet access device (iPad, iPhone, etc.).  Learn your way, at your pace, and on your schedule. Stop and start. Take it in steps.  Preview the program as many times as you like.

Smart planning pays off in today’s world.  The goal is to make smart money decisions and have the comfort of  knowing that the most important bases have been covered.  Core knowledge is essential for most couples.  They’ve witnessed some win big and others lose miserably, with no clue as to what really separates the winners from the losers.   Although the bonds between two lovers should always trump the power of the all-mighty buck, one thing is an absolute certainty: if the money part of a relationship is messed up, sooner or later it will take a heavy toll, demand a high price.  It breaks many couples.  And for many others, it just saps and dilutes the very best stuff – the core of the relationship.

The threshold challenge is to obtain relevant, quality core planning information through the most convenient, easy-to-understand means available.  Without it, it’s easy get stuck in a rut with many questions and very few answers.That’s where PlainTalk Planning can really help.  It is a flexible, easy-to-use educational tool that answers key questions, promotes a deeper understanding at all levels, and triggers ideas and insights that lead to smarter planning.  It’s provides practical, no-nonsense information that is so important in a world that progressively gets more complicated and less certain.