This comprehensive program is presented in three parts, which collectively have a running time of three hours, seven minutes, and forty-seven seconds.  Most couples tackle the program by taking it one step at a time, regularly pausing the presentation  to review and discuss specific points and covering the three parts in two or three viewing sessions. The idea is to take it at your own pace.

The sole purpose of this presentation is education.   Every couple, working together, must take on and navigate the unromantic, grossly practical, often complicated world of money.   The sad reality is that many couples just never figure out the money side of their life.  They spend their days and energy worrying and stressing over seemingly hopeless money problems – problems they compound everyday with stupid decisions.  Money is the culprit in their marriage, the bad guy.  Money controls everything.

How a couple works together in managing, handling and taking control of their resources will determine the quality of the money part of your marriage.  Many couples with mediocre, often modest, incomes do it right.  They are in control.  Money strengthens their marriage. They touch all the bases.  They sleep well at night.  They have capital that grows 24-7-365, every minute of every day.  Money is a positive force in their lives.  It is the means to many happy things.

Many other couples, some with big incomes by almost any standard, let money knock them down.  They are out of control, and they know it.  Their individual expectations are skewed.  Money is a burden, a huge negative that often sparks quarrels, finger-pointing and communication breakdowns.  The concept of working together to really get ahead and accomplish dreams has been lost.  It’s completely off the chart.  The bar has been dropped so low that the only acknowledged challenge is to minimize the financial bleeding and personal conflicts each month.

This program is designed to help by providing essential core knowledge that helps couples work together, make smart decisions, and plan wisely for the future.